Your Poetry

This page contains all the poetry and personal statements that have been sent into us by you, or poems that have been written by established and well known poets. If you’d like to see your poetry here then send it into with a picture that you would like to accompany your poetry. We hope you enjoy what you see.


Heartbeat Of The Mind

          By James Antony Reynolds Blackmore.

Our first male poet! This lovely poem was sent to us by James Reynolds. Hope you love it like we do!

Weird Holocaust Drea

  By Ana Morena Claudia Paz

A fantastic poem called Weird Holocaust Dream. This fantastic poem was written by Ana Morena Paz, she is an incredible poem writter watch out for her.

 Away We Are

 By S.A

This is a very lovely poem sent to us by a lady from Bulgaria. Hope you like it. Written by S.A


By Brodie Baldwin

The best one yet. Brodie displays how fantastic she is at capturing her inside thoughts and turning it into a collection of beautifully structured words. Please show your support and like the image and comment with what you think of it. Like the Pandorica Facebook page for more updates

Self Explanatory Feeling

By Treasure Tunny

Another great poem from Treasure Tunny. This one is called, Self Explanatory Feeling.

The Road To Nowhere

By Brodie Baldwin

This Poem is called Road To Nowhere. It was written by Brodie Baldwin.


By Teejay Jagun

A deeper look into the heart of this poem. Shares his fight with his inner self. By TeeJay Jagun.

Mirror Girl 

By Brodie Baldwin

Another great Poem from Brodie Baldwin. Please support

I Stand Alone

By Brodie Baldwin

From our favourite poet, Brodie Baldwin. This one is called I Stand Alone

I Miss You

By Treasure Tunny

A fantastic poem called, I Miss You. All we can say is Wow! We love it. This was written by Treasure.

I May Be Corrupt

By Brodie Baldwin

This Poem is just total genius. Its like a two for one special deal! Lets see if you can find how she has done it!

I May Be Corrupt (Segments)

By Brodie Baldwin

This is segments that have been taken from I May Be Corrupt. By Brodie Baldwin. And there is the poet herself!



By S.A

The winning poem from S.A. We received this all the way from Bulgaria and we love it! Well done you’ve just bagged yourself an Olympic T-shirt!



By Chioma Ahunanya

A religous and spiritual poem that relates to most Christians of the younger generation. It serves as an answer to P.A.I.N. By Chioma Ahunanya.


Knife & Fork

By Teejay Jagun

By Teejay Jagun


In My Words

By TeeJay Jagun

In the words of Teejay Jagun


Hidden Pain

By Estee Lynch

True feelings from Estee Lynch



By Belinda Boadu

This is what leadership means to Belinda Boadu



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