Who is your favourite all time poet?

Who would you say is your all time favourite poet? At Pandorica we are really fond of J.W. Goethe. We love how his words put your transfer your mind into his and you really see the words turn into illustrations. There is some real heart andĀ genius behind his poetry. Bellow there if a poll and we have put some recognisable names to help you choose who yourĀ favouriteĀ poet of all time is. If your chosen candidate isn’t there there please write the persons name.

Bellow the poll is our favourite Goethe poem.


Our favourite Goethe Poem


In this post we will be uploading images from the Pandorica itself. This will include our very own photography, photo manipulation and various other styles. Keep a look out. Hope you enjoy :).

First up!

One of the main Pandorica images.

This is one of our personalĀ favorites. It was intended to make the mountains look like they have be painted onto a canvas.

Next up is a design made by Luke Bullen for Pandorica. Continue reading


Photo’s From Pandorica