Don’t deny yourself

A short statement from Anon that we have made into an image. Photo taken by Pandorica, and edited by Pandorica. Hope you like.



World Of Talent

Kind Art

For many photography can be a career choice. For others it’s simply a form of recreation. And for a special few photography can be a way of utilizing their creative instincts.  Kind Art is certainly a way forward in the terms of enhancing your creative skills. Pandorica loves anything or anyone that knows how to share their creative skills so we pay close attention to Kind Art. We love there photography and especially their blogs. Here is a description from Kind Art themselves.

“The main purpose of Kind Art is to allow you to indulge in creativity from many different sources. The blog showcases work from various artist from various categories. Be inspired  request your own work to be posted and have it viewed by thousands. You’ll see a portfolio section which is used by the Kind Art owner and contributors to showcase the best of their personal work. All documents will be titled with their name so you’ll easily be able to contact them for work”.

Check out Kind Art, we’re sure it’ll be a hit!


10 days of inspiration

10 days of inspiration

Check out our 10 days of inspiration. If you follow us on Facebook then you might remember us doing a project called 10 days of inspiration. The aim was to upload an image and quote from someone who has inspired people either in the present day or in the past. Hope you like it!

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