A Quick Hello In Different Languages

World Welcome To Pandorica

Hello To The World

Hey world!

By now I hope your all sure of what Pandorica is all about. If not then here is a brief overview.

Here at Pandorica we love to express ourselves in anyway possible. A lot of use love writing poems and using our creativeness to take pictures and edit them to how we think it best shows who we are. So Pandorica was set up to help and encourage other people around the world to do the same. Show of who you are and unlock your heart. We understand that some people dont feel comfortable to open up just like that, so hopefully watching other people will benefit you one way or the other!

We set up a WordPress so we can branch out to more people around the world. We will soon be regularly blogging  our art, your art, world art and various other things that are relevant to our mission here at Pandorica.

We hope you will stay tuned and enjoy. Thanks!