In this post we will be uploading images from the Pandorica itself. This will include our very own photography, photo manipulation and various other styles. Keep a look out. Hope you enjoy :).

First up!

One of the main Pandorica images.

This is one of our personal favorites. It was intended to make the mountains look like they have be painted onto a canvas.

Next up is a design made by Luke Bullen for Pandorica.

Sometimes rain can make the most ordinary things look so beautiful. Like this Skoda car that was parked in the street in Luton, England. This image was taken with a Nikon D3000.

Rain rain go away, actually no stay.

This picture was taken using a Samsung Galaxy SIII Smart phone.

Taking by Teejay Jagun from Pandorica

A surreal background image designed by Teejay Jagun of Pandorica. More than welcome to be saved and used as a background image for your PC’s, Macs and phones!

A surreal image, designed by Teejay Jagun


Summer Cherry’s – Pandorica



Photo’s From Pandorica


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